As the first Latin American placement agent solely focused and highly specialized in alternatives, we enjoy the “first-mover advantage” on alternative fund distributoin and possess a unique understanding of the asset class.
Fundraising Success
With a dedicated team and a large affiliate network with more than 75 years of combined experience in alternative investments and a history of success, ROAM Capital has raised in excess of $2 billion and participated in joint marketing efforts that have yielded more than $35 billion for some of the world’s leading alternative managers.
Conviction Approach
We act as a preliminary filter for LPs and as such, we strive to conduct the most rigurous due diligence process to select mandates based on very stringent criteria and a proprietary grading methodology that we developed ‘in-house’. This improves our chances of success and ensures that only the highest quality mandates make it to our distribution platform.
Priviledged Access
Because of our reputation, we have established a large proprieatry network of relationships, including access to key decision makers at pension funds, insurance companies, endowments, family offices and high-net worth individuals.
Local Expertise
Our ongoing local presence gives us an edge over the global placement houses. We are fully ingrained with the local investor base and have a unique understanding of their cultures, processes and investmentment needs. We also constantlty monitor the regulatory landscape for compliance and uncover opportunities that foreigners will take longer or fail to identify.
Market Intelligence
Because of our strong local presence, we’re able to act as the “eyes and ears” on the ground for all of our clients and provide them regular updates and valuable market intelligence about fundraising opportunities and the competitive landscape.
Even though many large companies approach us, we’ve decided to remain independent and singulalry focused on third-party fund distribution. This eliminates potential conflicts, reduces the level of bureaucracy and ensures that we have the flexibility to act fast.
LP Diversification
Latin America has become a highly coveted destination for private capital raising. One of our main goals is to help our GP clients diversify their investor base with high quality LPs so they can secure a permanent and growing capital base for subsequent fundraises.
Competitive Fees
Because we aim to only work with the best managers, we are cognissant of their unique (generally oversubcribed) market reality and thus try to provide them with the most competitive fees possible.
Client Loyalty
Once we approve a mandate, we devote ourselves entirely and with loyalty to the task at hand, always looking at building long-term relationships with our clients. Even thought it is part of our DNA, we believe it is our responsibility to be loyal to the clients we have the privilege to serve.