Our Approach

Methodical & Process-Driven

Top-Tier Placement Agent

No Conflicts Of Interest

Long-Term Alignment

Privileged Institutional Access

ROAM Capital is deeply committed to our clients and their mandates. By accepting only 4-5 placements a year, we dedicate our time and energy to understanding their capital raising needs, business aspirations, and long-term objectives. 

Our goal is to become an extension of our clients’ investor relations teams in Latin America, a strategic partner by supporting a minimum of two fundraising cycles, and a trusted advisor—not just a conventional placement agent. This focus on fostering durable partnerships enables us to provide essential advice, expertise, and insights to our clients throughout the entire fundraising process, including capital introduction, peer positioning, marketing strategy, and overall brand building. 

At ROAM, we take pride in these relationships, our ability to align our investors’ preferences with our clients’ strategies, and in the quality and regional footprint of our investor base.

By fostering equally deep partnerships with institutional investors, family offices, and high net worth individuals seeking alternative, risk-adjusted investments from top tier fund managers, ROAM has gained years of critical insight into their decision-making processes, investment criteria, and unique financial objectives. This experience uniquely positions us to secure an optimal investor base and devise tailored yet efficient marketing strategies for our clients. 

With over 40 funds closed in the last decade, ROAM has refined its ability to offer our clients thoughtful, strategic capital raising services while delivering a streamlined and accelerated fundraising process. This experience and methodology preserve our clients’ most valuable asset—their time. 

Access To World-Class Alternative Fund Managers