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Reduced Fee Investments

Direct Company Exposure

Alpha “Shot” Enhancers

Privileged Access & Guaranteed Capacity

ROAM Capital offers its accredited Latin American investor base access to co-investment opportunities with fund managers that typically perform within the top-quartile of their asset class, offering them the following opportunities:

Added control over capital deployment:

Co-investment opportunities afford investors with the added flexibility of customizing an investment strategy. A co-investment can allow investors to efficiently target and deploy capital to deals in a specific region, industry, or manager, allowing investors to target and better capitalize short-term trends and tailwinds, as well as match investment pacing to cash flow needs

Outperformance potential:

Gaining access to co-investment opportunities with top-tier fund managers can be a major performance driver as these strategies provide a less expensive fee structure. Recent research shows that while average gross returns for co-investments are similar to gross returns for fund manager led funds, co-investment returns are meaningfully higher on a net basis

Direct relationship with top-tier fund managers:

Because co-investing requires a hands-on approach, investors gain an opportunity to work closely with top fund managers, assisting investors in fostering long-term relationships and offering a deeper understanding of fund manager investment strategies and processes. For the co-investor, building these relationships is essential to gain access to future deal flow and for building their investment skills

Access to pre-qualified deals:

The opportunities made available to co-investors are typically pre-screened by the lead manager, who performs extensive due diligence and vetting to ensure that the highest quality deals are selected. As a result, the opportunities that a co-investor is offered tend to be high-quality transactions