Fund Placement

A One-Stop Shop Solution for Latin American Fundraising 

Real Local Presence “Locals Dealing with Locals”

Established Relationships with 400+ LPs

Cultural Awareness & Language Expertise

Regulatory Support & Preparedness

ROAM Capital acts as an extension of our clients’ investor relations teams in the Latin American region. We seek sustainable partnerships, long-term alignments and work closely with fund managers throughout the fund placement process, following a demonstrated step-wise approach:

ROAM’s Due

GP due diligence and approval process
LP pre-qualification process

1st Investor

Educational efforts and pre-marketing
LP acquisition plan and strategy

2nd Investor

Marketing activities and official fundraising
LP acquisition implementation

3rd/Final Investor

Fund closing and final marketing efforts
LP closing and subscription process

If you would like further information on our approach, contact us.

ROAM Capital follows a disciplined approach to satisfy the regulatory and compliance requirements of each target market within Latin America.

ROAM Capital executes its fund placement services based on state-of-the-art fundraising technology, running a disciplined process that ensures we meet all regulatory and compliance requirements. Our CRM not only contains up-to-date institutional investor intelligence but also:

• Facilitates running multiple and systematic placements
• Coordinates all steps of a successful fundraising process
• Captures all investor communications (e-mails, phone calls, meeting notes)
• Produces sophisticated and extensive client reporting (monthly)
• Guarantees full regulatory compliance with institutional investors throughout the Latin American region